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How Do I Start?

The PLA coordinator will be your guide through this process and can be contacted if you have a question at any point during the process.

The following steps will help prepare you to apply to receive credits for prior learning.

  1. Look through the catalog and determine classes you might be able to receive credit for.
  2. Submit a PLA Initial Request form to the PLA coordinator.
  3. Contact the instructor or department chair for the class you have identified.  Instructor contact infomration can be found in the Highline College Directory

Pending approval of the coordinator and faculty, the coordinator will help you through the following steps.

Meet with faculty:

  • To seek approval
  • Determine how learning will be assessed
  • Determine deadline
  • Sign contract

After meeting with faculty:

  • Return signed contract to coordinator and obtain payment form.
  • Pay for PLA in the Continuing Education office, Buildingn 99, Room 101.  PLA staff will take care of enrollment.
  • Submit assessments to the assigned faculty prior to deadline.
  • Your grades will be posted at the end of the quarter.