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Policies for Students

Students should be aware of the following policies.

  • PLA credits can only be awarded for classes that Highline offers.
  • Approval for PLA and grading is determined by the faculty.
  • Being approved for PLA (contract signed and assessment paid for) does not guarantee that you will receive a passing grade. 
  • It is important to submit all assessments and documentation to your instructor prior to the deadline, which is usually the end of the quarter.
  • No more than 25% of any degree can come from portfolio-style PLA.  For a 90 credit degree, that is 22 credits.
  • No more than 15 credits of portfolio-style PLA can transfer to universities in Washington.
  • Most universities in Washington have indicated that they will accept PLA classes, especially when it is part of an AA degree.  No college said they would not accept PLA.  You may wish to confirm with the registrar at the 4 year institution that you are planning on transferring to.
  • PLA enrollment is taken care of by PLA staff with unique item numbers.
  • Highline College evaluates every military transcript received from the service member and/or veteran pursuing an education at Highline.