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Process for Faculty

In order to earn credit for a class under PLA, a student must demonstrate competency with the established student learning outcomes for that class.  Some coaching on expectations and interpretation of outcomes should be expected. 

The following steps should be followed in awarding credit through PLA.

  • Determine if the student is a good candidate for PLA.  This decision will largely be based on an email summary and/or brief interview.  Please do not advance the student if there are significant concerns about the student abilitiy to successfully demonstrate achievement of course outcomes.
  • Help students select the correct courses for PLA.
  • Determine which assessments are appropriate.  Indicate on the contract exactly what the student needs to submit to be assessed.  Contracts can be obtained from the PLA coordinator.  
  • Return signed contract to coordinator via student.  Please only sign a PLA contract if you really think the student is capable of receiving a passing grade.  Once they pay they cannot receive a refund.
  • After the student has paid for PLA, a class will appear in your briefcase and a faculty stipend will be generated. 
  • The assessments need to be completed by the end of the quarter so that a letter grade can be entered into briefcase.
  • For information about stipend amounts please contact the PLA coordinator.

Note: PLA enrollment utilizes unique item numbers.
Note: PLA staff with take care of enrollment.

View the PLA Contract . When complete send to send to PLA Coordinator.